7 facts about Italian food culture


Italy is a country where food is a way of life. The culture and cuisine are intrinsically connected to the land, with regional variations in cuisine that reflect the differences in geography, climate, and history.

As such, it’s important for visitors to Italy to experience Italian food culture by trying different dishes from various regions of Italy. Here are 7 facts about Italian food culture:

1) Italians eat an average of two servings of vegetables daily; one raw and one cooked

2) Pasta is eaten most often at lunchtime because it’s easier than cooking meat or fish- which then would be served for dinner.

3) It has been said that pizza was invented in Naples after King Umberto I visited Napoli (Naples).

4) Italians love to cook large meals for their families.  

5) The first course in an Italian meal is typically soup or salad which may contain vegetables like celery or onions as well as seafood such as shrimp or octopus.

6) Pizza became popular after Queen Margherita ascended to the throne in 1878;

7) Wine production dates back over two millennia when Greeks first planted vines in Sicily during their colonization there;