Hi, can I ask if its possible for my order to be delivered to my house? 


Hello, yes, you can definitely order from us and we will deliver the dishes to your house. Just make sure to register and give us your contact information and correct address to avoid wrong deliveries, thank you. 


I am wondering if I can see your menu on this website. I wanted to check out the dishes before I decide to visit your place. 


Thank you for thinking about visiting our restaurant. Yes, you may see La Madia’s menu on this website. Please go to the menu section and check out the dishes and drinks. Prices and details about it are also given, please do check it out. 


Hello, I wanted to make reservations but I dont know if that is possible. If yes, how can I do that? 


Hi, thank you for thinking about making reservations. Yes, it is possible to make reservations. However, we only accept reservations from 8 AM until 10 PM. For more details, you can visit the ‘reservation’ section and kindly follow the instructions written there for you to reserve your seat and table. 


Hello, I just want to ask if you are open up until midnight? 


Yes, we do open our restaurant from 9 AM and we are still open up until 12 AM. Feel free to visit us, thank you. 


Do you have private dining area your restaurant that can accommodate a group of people? 


Yes, we do welcome a group of guests and customers for any private dining. It is perfect for those who are planning to dine and discuss privately, such as business gatherings and dinners. However, if you are going to dine privately, please make sure that have reservations to avoid being disappointed.