How to Choose the Perfect Italian Restaurant Furniture


Experienced Italian restauranteurs know that customers don’t just troop into their establishment because of their unique recipes from the Italian Peninsula. A conducive setting emphasized by an array of pleasant furniture, say chairs, made by skilled Italian chair producers are an effective method of alluring diners. However, trying to find the ideal Italian chair for your restaurant business isn’t all fun. Not to worry: This article will help you choose the perfect Italian restaurant chairs in just a single read. Kindly read through:

1. Choose a Particular Design

Often, many startup restauranteurs come up with too many furniture designs that end up altering the restaurant’s aesthetic. Ensure that all chairs are similar in appearance and they complement the general interior of the restaurant. Chair materials, color, and pattern must blend effortlessly; if you prefer a classic Italian design, stick to it and avoid mixing traditional or modern styles.

2. Consider Quality

Often, Italian furniture makers have an eye for detail and quality. Nonetheless, there’ll always be inferior options in the market. Going for cheap restaurant chairs may appeal to your budget initially; however, they’ll cost you in the long run.

Therefore go for quality material such as durable metal and wood. Besides, ensure the fabrics for the chairs are thick and long-lasting also. If you have to reduce the number of tables you’d have in your restaurant to enable you to purchase more quality chairs, do just that.

3. Determine Your Customer Preference

No doubt, your customers are Italians or lovers of Italian culture. Nonetheless, you have to identify them beyond that personality to meet their needs effectively.

If you’re going to cater to executives, then you should aim for elegant fine dining. However, if you desire to serve the demography of young and everyday individuals, then a casual, cozy, cushioned chair would be appropriate.

4. Choose Convenience

It’s not enough to pick a chair for its irresistible design or price; put comfort at the forefront. Sit and feel the various aspects of comfort the furniture is offering. Would it allow a comfortable posture while diners relish their favorite Italian cuisine? And is the back support perhaps straight, curved, or bent, suitable for your target customers, say young or old?

Also, look at the type of cushion and feel its texture. Sit for a considerable time and determine if the chair is suitable for a lengthy sitting duration. This test will allow you to make a perfect choice.

5. Make It Suitable for Your Brand

Using Italian restaurant furniture is a great way to communicate your brand message effectively. When selecting your restaurant chair, ensure that they’ll pass this message to your customers. Moreover, make every part of your restaurant’s design convey a consistent brand message. This strategy helps bring the desired patrons and ensures your diners have a unique and satisfactory experience.

6. Determine Your Furniture Type

Both armless and armchairs Italian chairs are suitable for restaurants. However, you must consider your space before choosing either one of them. The armless type doesn’t require lots of space and is compact enough to move around. Contrarily armchairs need more space than its counterpart. However, they ooze comfort and elegance simultaneously. When opting for armchairs, ensure that their heights are suitable with the table.

Furthermore, other types of chairs include side chairs, which are common in today’s Italian restaurants. Parsons chairs are also the right choice for comfort; they’re simple and have neat lines. A bolt-down chair may be an excellent choice for a restaurateur who wants fixed furniture and a 360-degree rotation chair.

7. Choose Furniture from Manufacturer in Proximity

Pick Italian chairs made in your locality even if you reside abroad—many Italian furniture makers living in the diaspora can meet your furniture needs. Imported chairs may take a while to arrive or even experience unexpected delays, thereby hampering your business. Work closely with an Italian furniture maker in your country or immediate environment.

8. Determine the Material You Want

There’s a wide range of chair materials suitable for restaurants. See below:

Metal Material – The contemporary Italian chairs use metal. This material offers durability and comes in various sizes and shapes. It allows different painting according to your taste and uses protective finishing.

Wood Material – Wood is another material used for adding warmth, beauty, and a rustic exclusive Italian look to your restaurant. This material can be lasting if maintained well and is suitable for a matching look with your restaurant theme.

Aluminum Material – Aluminum chairs are suitable for restaurants with a patio for an outdoor setting, given that they can withstand harsh weather. They require low maintenance and are lightweight. Aluminum chairs also blend well with aluminum tables. So if running an outdoor restaurant is what you’re considering or already engaged in, then an aluminum chair is perfect for your business.

Upholstery – You’ll find upholstery used on chairs in affluent Italian restaurants. They offer comfort and come in various colors, materials, and patterns. Upholstered restaurant chairs make revamping a breeze because you only need to alter their cover.

9. Choose Furniture That’s Easily Repairable

Perhaps you’re an economical restauranteur and a hobbyist, you can choose chairs that are easily repairable. This way, you can work on them yourself when they break down. Owning woodworking tools like drill press will help you save your money, while wood router with ergonomic handles will come in handy too.

By sticking to the above guideline, choosing the perfect Italian restaurant chair will become super easy.