Kath D. 


My officemates and I went to this place for private dining. It was actually our first time to visit this place and just wanted to try it because we’re not really used to discussing in an open area. We’re really surprised because the area where we dined was so peaceful and quiet just like we wanted. We weren’t distracted or anything so it was really a good thing. After dining, we talked about visiting this restaurant again because of the great place and great services.  


Lara F. 


Dining in this place was absolutely good because I find their dishes really savory! I haven’t tried any Italian restaurants before but I’m familiar with the cuisine and visiting La Madia is probably one of the greatest things I did. They really serve high-quality food and I’m thankful that my first time trying out an Italian restaurant and Pizzeria alone was memorable because my experience in this place is really good. Next time, I will definitely come back with my family or even with my friends. They deserve to know this place and La Madia deserves more attention. 


Jay H. 


It’s really fun going to La Madia because the services were really the best, not to mention the crew and staff are really nice and treat the customers warmly. I also think that their meals and dishes are one of the tastiest and the best that I’ve tasted so far. I’m actually a picky eater and a harsh critic when it comes to food because I only want to taste the best ones. My family bringing me to this place was one of the memorable things for me because I get to add more great dishes and restaurant that I really like in my list. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this place great because even my family is in love with La Madia.